Garanzia di 2 anni per le macchinette FK IRONS e MICROBEAU

2 year warranty for FK IRONS and MICROBEAU machines

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If you are a professional you know how essential it is to have high-quality tools to create long-lasting works of art and flawless results.

Marks of Excellence: FK IRONS and MICROBEAU
Our passion for excellence has led us to collaborate with two of the most renowned brands in the world: FK IRONS and MICROBEAU. As official distributors in Italy , we have the honor of offering our customers a complete range of tattoo and permanent makeup machines from these brands.

2 Year Warranty from the Parent Company
Choosing Golden Needle means guaranteeing your peace of mind. As official distributors , we are able to offer a two-year warranty directly from the parent company for each FK IRONS and MICROBEAU machine purchased from us. This represents a commitment to the quality and support we offer our customers.

Beware of Imitators
A crucial point to keep in mind is the importance of purchasing from authorized resellers. FK IRONS and MICROBEAU are prestigious brands, and to guarantee the authenticity and quality of the products, it is essential to inquire on the official website of the brand to find authorized distributors such as Golden Needle. Avoid potential future problems and invest in first-class products.

Below is the link of FK IRONS and MICROBEAU with the official distributors:

Full Support
We know your business can't afford disruptions. This is why Golden Needle is also authorized to supply certified spare parts directly from the parent company in case of malfunctions or breakdowns. Our commitment is to ensure that you can continue to work without problems.

In conclusion, if you are looking for superior quality tools in the world of tattoo and permanent makeup, Golden Needle is your trusted partner. With FK IRONS and MICROBEAU as the spearheads of our offer, we guarantee complete support and unrivaled quality.

Choose Golden Needle to bring your artistic visions to life