Come proteggere il tuo tatuaggio durante l'estate

How to protect your tattoo during the summer

Here are some tips to keep your ink bright and vivid, including the right sun balm.

The summer period brings with it long days of sun, sea and outdoor fun. If you have a tattoo, whether it's fresh or have had it for a while, it's important to take proper care of it to protect it from damage from the sun's rays and summer conditions. In this article, we'll give you invaluable tips on how to protect your tattoo this summer, whether you've just gotten a tattoo or have had it for a while. In addition, we will talk about a specific product, the Vegan Solar Tattoo Balm , which has been specially developed for tattoo sun protection.

Tips to protect an existing tattoo:

  1. Always apply sunscreen : During the summer, sunscreen is essential to preserve the integrity of your tattoo. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF) and apply it generously to the tattooed area whenever you're in the sun. Make sure you reapply it after every bath or sweaty activity and follow the manufacturer's instructions.

  2. Avoid direct sun exposure : In addition to applying sunscreen, try to avoid direct sun exposure during the hottest hours of the day when UV rays are most intense. Wear light but protective clothing, cover your tattoo with clothing or use an umbrella to provide an extra barrier of protection.

  3. Keep Skin Moisturized : Well-moisturized skin is key to maintaining a healthy tattoo. During the summer, regularly moisturize the skin surrounding the tattoo with a gentle moisturizer. Avoid products that are heavily scented or contain harsh ingredients that could irritate sensitive skin.

  4. Avoid prolonged immersion in water : If you have a fresh or healing tattoo, avoid prolonged immersion in water, such as swimming pools, hot tubs or the sea. Chlorinated or salt water can damage the tattoo and delay the healing process. Cover it with a protective film or waterproof bandage when you are in the water.

In addition to the advice mentioned above, you can also consider using the Vegan Sun Tattoo Balm for extra protection of your tattoo during the summer. This product has been specifically formulated to offer effective sun protection and nourish tattooed skin.

It is made with natural and vegan ingredients, and has been specially formulated to provide effective sun protection and nourish tattooed skin. This balm contains moisturizing agents that help keep the skin soft and hydrated, preventing the dryness and flaking that could affect the appearance of your tattoo.

When applying Vegan Sun Tattoo Balm , make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully. It is usually recommended to apply it generously to the tattooed area before sun exposure. Its light, non-greasy formula allows for easy application, and its moisturizing texture creates a protective barrier on the skin.

However, remember that it does not replace traditional sunscreen. It's a great addition to keeping your tattoo protected and hydrated, but you should still apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen with high SPF all over your body for full protection.

Bottom line, protecting your tattoo over the summer is essential to keeping it vibrant and bright through the years. Follow the advice provided above, such as applying sunscreen, avoiding direct sun exposure, keeping your skin hydrated, and avoiding prolonged immersion in water. If you want additional protection, you can consider using the Vegan Solar Tattoo Balm , which offers specific sun protection for your tattoos, keeping the skin healthy and hydrated.

Always remember to consult your tattoo artist or a dermatologist for more personalized advice on the care and protection of your tattoo. Enjoy the summer safely and keep your tattoo shining!