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Kuro Sumi

Kuro Sumi Imperial

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Our coveted Marble Stone Tone ink set has been reformulated to be REACH compliant in Europe. Perfect for black and white realism, this set is extremely versatile and suitable for any tattoo style.

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Kuro Sumi Imperial

Golden Needle SRL

Pickup available, usually ready in 24 hours

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With the addition of Hell Black and Heaven White, Zhang Po created the ultimate set of gray shades - now REACH compliant and available in the EU. THE FEATURES 6 inks | available in 1.5 oz bottles (6 oz bottles coming soon) Hell Black - Highly pigmented black (NEW) Devil Black - Less pigmented than Hell Black Sinner Greywash - Dark Saint Greywash - Medium Shade Angel Greywash - Light Heaven White - Un perfect white ink.

Rewriting the history of ink
As one of the leading tattoo ink manufacturers worldwide, we have made it our top priority to create a REACH compliant product to enable our European artists to continue creating their legacy.
We've gone to great lengths to ensure our European artists have access to the same high-quality ink you expect from us.

Our inks are manufactured adhering to the ISO 13485 quality control system.
Our inks are calibrated for accuracy.
Our inks are rigorously tested for micro-problems throughout the manufacturing process.
The performance, color clarity and ease of use of our inks have been tested by world-renowned artists


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